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MRC Total Build employee recently completed training from Sika Canada to certify MRC Total Build as a Carbon Fiber (CarboDur) Installer.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has over the past two decades become an increasingly notable material used in structural engineering applications strengthening concrete, masonry, steel, cast iron, and timber structures. Its use in industry can be for retrofitting to strengthen an existing structure. This has become the increasingly dominant use of the material in civil engineering, and applications include increasing the load capacity of old structures (such as bridges) that were designed to tolerate far lower service loads than they are experiencing today, seismic retrofitting, and repair of damaged structures. Retrofitting is popular in many instances as the cost of replacing the deficient structure can greatly exceed its strengthening using CFRP. Carbon Fiber reinforcing is used to strengthen existing structural concrete in a cost effective manner which eliminates the need for aggressive, destructive and less environmentally friendly methods.

This certification is held by only two other contractors in British Columbia.  Sika Canada selected MRC Total Build to be one of the exclusive installers after working together on previous projects and building a relationship of mutual trust. “We see a great benefit to the Mainroad Group to have MRC Total Build as a certified CFRP installer given our current MOTI Highway Maintenance Contracts and the ability to include this skill in future contracts giving us a keen advantage,” said Kevin Breti, Operations Manager.

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