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Location of Project: University of British Columbia, Vancouver B.C.
Timeline: July, 2014 to December, 2015

Total Build is a key partner in the infrastructure upgrade of the UBC District Energy System project. District Energy Systems (DES) provide energy cost savings and greenhouse effect reducing hot water heating to buildings throughout the campus. The existing infrastructure at UBC was a key reason for the upgrade; many buildings on campus were off the grid and needed to be incorporated. The project hurdle encountered during this project was that during excavation, existing utilities and services were uncovered. The Total Build team were then required to think on their feet to determine cost-effective and logical solutions to reroute the DES pipe. Scheduling challenges with the project arose from coordinating with welders with pipe installation as well as the extensive approval process required at UBC for Traffic Management. Coordinating the installation sequencing of piping arriving regularly from Poland posed scheduling challenges as well. Killoran Bay, Bob Merkley, and Vincent Sylvester were selected to run this project as our Foremen – each having over twenty-five years of experience in this type of Civil Work. Project services provided included trenching, backfill, restoration, installation of DES piping, and a significant Traffic Management component.