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MRC Total Build has been shortlisted to bid on Civil Works for future expansion of the Lonsdale Energy corporation. The City of North Vancouver Hydronic Heat Energy Service Bylaw requires that all new buildings over 1,000 m2 be connected to the district energy system. As a result the system is expanding in all three areas to accommodate new customers. The long-term goal is to connect the three areas together and maximize the use of low emission green energy generation options that can be shared amongst the large buildings adjacent to these areas.

Lonsdale Energy (LEC)
The Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC) is an award winning district energy system. LEC has been providing dependable, clean, and competitively priced energy to residential and commercial buildings in the Lonsdale area since 2003. By heating our community naturally, we can significantly reduce the demand for energy and support global and local climate action efforts.